Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Alexa Just Put the Last Nail in the Search Engine / Company (as we knew it) Coffin–Now it’s a 100% ‘Milking It’ Company Where NOTHING Comes Free (Totally Paid For Products & Services ONLY)


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Alexa Decides to Kill its Last Claim to Fame (there's no use letting it linger and suffer so long)


Yes, after being up there in the top five search engines (technically an index or a collection 'indices') Alexa has turned its back on all its previously loyal fans (such as myself) by turning its entire platform over to a PAY FOR EVERY SINGLE THING business model.

...and the nail in the coffin (the last thing that was free)their web site widgets just were addressed in a recent press release as scheduled for execution in mid-October 2016 (so webmasters, don't bother even placing one on anymore and schedule some time to go a wipe away ALL traces of Alexa on your sites when you get time)

Alexa was really cool I'd say about three years ago until some asshole over there decided to start milking it for everything they could nickel and dime out of the public.

Yup, I saw this coming months ago... So they turned out to be just a bunch of jerks after all...

Here’s the widget retirement announcement:

Since Alexa is Forcing Me To Replace Their Widgets on All of My 30+ Sites then I’ve Made Myself a Nice Placeholder Image – Feel Free to Use it As Your Own as Well (wink)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

How Do I Link to a Facebook Post or Reply?

It’s actually easier than you may think.  This technique works equally well for both Facebook posts themselves and Facebook post replies.  It even give the post or reply is own page (not other post topics appear on that page – just the initial post and/or thread)
Example Facebook Post doe Describing How to Link to a Facebook Post Properly
If we look closer to the post then your will see some textual linked reference to the time (the grey text below your name)  and/or date that refers to when the post was created – it looks something like this (image below)
Textual linked reference to the time and/or date the post or reply was created
Right click on the date / time which in the case of our example above says “21 mins”  You don’t need to select the text, only right click on it and (in Chrome) choose 'Copy Link address' or (in Firefox) choose 'Copy link location' and then paste that link where you want - simple!  For our above example then the link I end up with is this:
The resulting page shows only my post thread (including replies) and nothing else (other than the standard Facebook ads) like is shown below (click to go to the actual thread):
screnshot#2329 - 'How Do I Hotlink to a Facebook Post (or Repl_'
Likewise, if you choose a reply to a post by copying its link connected to the time/date element the it will make that reply foremost.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Consider Adopting a Radically Friendly Follow & Like Policy

For some time now I’ve been silently following a radical social media policy that I feel is simply doing more of my own part in our implied online ‘social contract’ by 1) reciprocal following anyone and everyone that is newly following me on Twitter and 2) ‘Like’-ing most all of the Facebook ‘Like’ requests I get from friends and even total strangers (or at least people I really don’t know that good at the time)

I’ve since noticed that somehow what some people may describe as ‘generosity’ yet I just see it as a normal reaction  in something as simple as what I describe above seems to get paid back many fold in the popularity of what I have out there becoming popular while hoping that other people ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ me (really!)

Don’t get me wrong, no I’m not doing this as part of an elaborate scheme to increase my ‘ROI’ (‘return on investment’) in what essentially is the online ‘social currency’ of todays world.  I do it simply because it reminds me of how hard it was for me in the past to get someone, anyone, to chime in on the little online projects that I’ve put out there (everyone out there wants to get paid nowadays even the simplest of actions)

Yes, this is one of those posts that came to mind but I really don’t know what point I was trying to reach or where I was going (or where I’d end up) with this – only possibly returning simple common kindness with even more kindness seems to be rare nowadays and I’m so glad that my parents brought me up to value and deal in the good old fashioned simple power of kindness in the world (wink)

Yes, in re-reading this article before I published it to my blog somehow while reviewing it in what I feel would be a todays typical random ‘reader’s frame of mind’ then it comes across as incredibly vain of me to publish such a work but looking out through mine own eyes then it’s just a natural type of thing  – no, I don’t think of myself as any kind of saint (far from it) and please don’t take the article to be written in that ‘vain spirit’ – if you do then I just seem like such an asshole (wink)  …or am I and I just don’t know it yet? (lol)  Can you relate?

@FreeCashPro   &

Monday, March 21, 2016

Mentioning Our Various Other Web Properties Which May Be of Interest to You!

In the description of this new web site it is claimed that the site contains content purported to be from a ‘seasoned professional web developer’ so I thought it fitting to have my very first post on this site bolster that assertion by providing your with a partial listing of other popular successful web properties that I own and have developed below.

Yes, I’m currently 51 years of age and I’ve been a technician of one sort or another for most all of my adult life and I’ve been designing and coding my own web sites for well over a decade now.  Additionally, I’m a Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) as well as being CompTIA certified in ‘A+’ and ‘Net+’.

Please note however that though most all of the sites listed below are complete by ‘rest of the world’ standards there are more than a few that are in various stages of construction, destruction, redevelopment, order, and chaos as I am a perfectionist in my craft and only rarely do I ever feel for myself that any one web site is entirely complete by my own standards (wink)  For a more complete list of our web properties please feel free to visit my main hub web site at [ PR 2 ] [ PR 1] [ PR 4] [ PR 3] [ PR 4] [ PR 3] [ PR 4] [ PR 4]